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Default Sebring Results June 2-3

The SARRC Double event at Sebring International Raceway was an eventful one to say the least. The start of Race #1 looked more like a no holds barred video game with a multitude of cars leaving and re-entering the track on lap one and dicing around the venue at a ridiculous pace. This wild driving was vastly lumped onto the shoulders of the GTA racers who bore the wrath of the officials.

These GTA cars that were entered in the same race as the A/Sedan vehicles were also credited with creating the biggest accident of the weekend. Unfortunately William Evelands A/Sedan ENTRY bore the brunt of these efforts. Evelends car was totalled as a result of a spin out of a pair of GTA cars that were battling into turn one (I have to say these guys were racing hard...it was just one of those racing things). Unfortunately this left Eveland with nowhere to go (the GTA drivers were scolded heavily by the officals and were on their best behavior for Sundays race and were very professional and rather exciting).

After the large accident site was cleaned up, racing resumed. #62 Bruce Reichard was in the lead with #34 Patrick James in pursuit. Three times a lap these drivers changed positions as the laps ticked off. Reichard would make a great charge and pass coming to the start/finishline and then James would outbrake and pass him back going into turn 10. Reichard would then get the preferred line going around the Tower Turn and James would re-pass him going up Bishop Bend. Both drivers giving the other room to complete their passes and never touched a fender. Finally as James completed his pass going around Bishop Bend, neither driving wanted to be the first to brake for the next corner. Both cars were too hot coming in and spun in synchronicity. James car stayed running as he dropped it into gear and tore off as Reichard could only watch as his car had flooded and failed to re-fire for several agonizing seconds. James went on to score the win with Mitchell Geltz in second place.

Patrick James (who came from a drag racing and shifter kart background) would like to thank his sponsors, Pro Systems carburetors, Felice Racing Engines, HMR and Brake Man brakes for being part of his first win. It was the first road racing event he had ever raced in and a debut for the freshly built Brad Hosmer crewchiefed vehicle.

For race number two on Sunday, James qualified the #34 car in the number one position as the new car was getting sorted out and was starting to shine. But when the green flag dropped James immediately lost a wheelweight (creating a heavy vibration). Knowing he was longer a contender, James waved Geltz by who took off in pursuit of Bruce Reichard. Once again for several laps Reichard and Geltz repeated the same scenario from race one. Only the players had changed. Several times they swapped positions on each lap. Each driver professionally allowing the other room to complete their pass. Suddenly (Doh!...he's out of fuel) Reichards vehicle cuts out and its all over. Geltz Amalie oil sponsored HMR Mustang crosses the line to a deserved win with James coming up in second place.

It was quite an event, the organization and track preparation by the officials was as incredible as the racing.

If you ever venture into Florida for a race, be sure to put Sebring on your list of tracks you have to take a lap on.
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Great write up.

A reminder as to how all us AS racers are "a just a bunch of hacks that knock each other out of the way for a pass". (Yes, that was )

Congrats to Mssrs. James and Geltz.
Tom Wallace
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Originally Posted by PRO SYSTEMS
If you ever venture into Florida for a race, be sure to put Sebring on your list of tracks you have to take a lap on.
AGREE! I did one of my schools at Sebring many a year ago in an IT7 RX-7. I still remember passing an AS car in the braking zone many times only for him to thunder past me on the very next straight....I knew even before that what car I wanted to build.
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The Brake Man
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First time out of the box, car and driver! Outstanding performance Patrick.

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