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Old 05-08-2007, 04:57 PM
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Default 6 lug trailer rim/tires great for a spare

I have 3 chrome ones and 2 white ones ( all with round black things on them that hold air ) and one silver rim only

$39.00 dollars a piece , I can ship them for 15-25 bucks anywhere in the US or im right off the indiana toll road by south bend indiana.

The tires range in shape and make but are all load range D 65 psi 225/75/15 trailer tires . the rims are the wagon wheel style 6 lug pattern.

The tires have some tread and alittle un even wear ones even got alittle cords on the inside but they all hold air and roll, they were on my trailer until 3 weeks ago when I replaced all 6 of them at over $130 dollars a rim/tire and thats wholesale. normally there $150 plus for chrome 6 lugs with goodyears..

$39 is less then what you could buy a used rim for , and what would you pay for one on the side of the road?

contact me at crlmotorsports@aol.com chad
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