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Old 12-03-2009, 11:54 PM
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Default DANA 44 Floaters GM or FoMoCo

is there anyone intrested in a Dana 44 Floater 30 spline
for a 3 rd gen or 4th Gen GM
and is it Legal for a Fox Body?

3rd-4 th Gen will be built with a 3rd link, panhard bar or a Rev mount Watts Link, so role center stays with body so no chassie movement alters were or what car does through full travel of susp.
and keeps wheels planted through full range of travel.

You will save 5-8 RWHP through a Dayna 44 and be strong.
Also we or I can do a 9in ford axle on the end if floater isn't what you want.

Jig is made , just want to no if anyone would want one,
Price for Housing ?
and can set any gear sets up to bolt in.

Brake mounts ?
since alt calipers are allowed,,,
Pick what you want.

Also a Develouped M/C setup (yea misspelled)
2 pedal 1 pedal hanging pedal,or just use your stock pedals and
two brake cyl and bal bar
or stock pedals and manual cyl

Alot i Do and my stuff works,

Just ask me what you want, and i will be honest with you,
Times are slow, so im just looking to not insult the big people but to make a fair living together and with no enemys,

Joe T.

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