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Old 04-11-2005, 11:13 PM
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Default Hallett National 4-10-05


1. Shawn Gray 1:26.564
2. Tom Smith 1:26.645
3. Jim Wheeler 1:26.761
4. Fred Gaulter Jr. 1:29.280
5. Gene Nicholas 1:29.625
6. Harvey West 1:29.787
7. David Guinn 1:35.232


1. Tom Smith 1:26.633
2. Shawn Gray 1:27.056
3. Fred Gaulter Jr. 1:29.324
4. Jim Wheeler 1:27.206
5. Gene Nicholas 1:29.624
6. David Guinn 1:33.116
DNF Harvey West 1:39.709

Started dry with rain beginning a few laps in. Lots of slipping and sliding and a bit of banging. Weird thing, a white #89 GT1 Camaro kept getting in the way, hmmm. Nasty stuff.

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Old 04-12-2005, 09:17 PM
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A white GT1 (the only GT1 in the field) pulled into the pits after half way with the win in his pocket. He waited until the top three AS cars, nose to tail at this point, came by. He left the pits and placed himself between the 3rd place car and the front two. The lead car was driven by his son and the 2nd place car was driven by his former racing partner.
When the group came down to the tree turn where a T1 vette was wedged against the tire wall, (it had been there for a lap or two) he slowed down to a walk about 100 yards before the turn. The third place car could do nothing but watch the leaders drive off. My race was over.
After we passed the vette he waved me by and he drove back to the pits, his nasty work done for the day.
Thanks Bill Gray, I'm sure your son was proud of his accomplishment.
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