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Old 10-22-2014, 10:28 AM
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Default Moving Forward

Good morning to everyone.

First, we have 4 responses to he coilover WDYT. The ASAC can't base a decision on that low of a response from the community. If you want to respond to this WDYT, please get your response in by noon Friday 10/24.

The ASAC is planning a special telecon 10/27 to mainly deal with issues that arose at the Runoffs and to develop some clarifications to RP rules as well as some recommendations for RP and FP Tech beginning in 2015. All recommendations for "things to check" will be offered to Tech officials for their consideration. There will be other topics the ASAC will make recommendations about to the CRB, including the coilovers mentioned above and other letters we have by 10/27.

All of our recommendations should be reviewed in the 11/4 CRB telecon, and published that week in the Prelims (as soon as I can get the Prelims out). So, be sure to review the upcoming Fastrack Prelims and Final (it will be the December 2014 version) for any final REC items for 2015. You will have until 12/11-12 (the last BOD meeting of the year) to get comments in on any REC items the CRB recommends to the BOD.

Expect no major changes, but, there is a potential for important changes. So, please review them!

If you have anything you wish to recommend to the ASAC to consider for Tech items, you are free to note it here or PM me. Anything that needs to go through the CRB process should be sent through the CRB letter system at crbscca.com.

Any questions, you are welcome to write here or PM me.

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