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Old 07-05-2014, 02:21 PM
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Default Portland Majors

Un-Official Qualifying Results
1-Dylan Olsen, 0:00.000, 1:24.350
2-Kevin Smith, 1:24.647, 1:25.491
3-Aaron Bailey, 1:27.124, 1:26.698
4-Todd Cook, 1:26.974, 1:27.782
5-John Rissberger, 1:35.189, 1:38.383

And you can follow the races with live Timing & Scoring on the SCCA site or http://www.race-monitor.com
Allison Palitz
#82 '87 Mustang
San Fran Region
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Old 07-06-2014, 07:47 PM
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Saturday Sprint Race

1- Dylan Olson, 1:25.456, Fox Mustang
2- Kevin Smith, 1:26.937, Gen 4 Firebird
3- Aaron Bailey, 1:27.031, Gen 3 Camaro
4- Todd Cook, 1:26.094, 2003? Mustang
5- John Rissberger, 1:39.235, Gen 4 Camaro

This race was really messed up. Only about 5 total green flag laps. We
went 1 lap, then pace car, then 3 laps of pace car, then 4 more green flag
laps, then pace car until the end of 30 min.

Sunday 40 min Race
1- Kevin Smith, 1:25.358
2- Aaron Bailey, 1:26.035
3- Todd Cook, 1:26.875
4- John Rissberger, 1:36.849
5- Dylan Olson, 1:24.714

On the start a T1 Boss Mustang passed me, then Dylan, and led us into
the first corner. Dylan did a great job early getting by him, and I could have
tried to push through with Dylan, but thought better of it. Dylan ran
a little ahead of the T1 car, and I was right on the T1's tail, but couldn't find
anywhere to get past. T1 car ran faster down the straight, and only a little
slower in the curves, and could out brake me. So, I hung with the T1 car
running mostly 1:25 laps, and watching to see how far Dylan was getting
out in front, and whether Aaron or Todd were close behind. After about 5
laps, Dylan's car caught fire in T7, and not realizing how badly it was burning
drove it halfway around the track to pit in. They got the fire out, Dylan was
uninjured, and the rear of the car was a little burnt, but is not really too bad.
Once I saw Dylan was off, I just kept up my pace (mostly) while being passed
by GT1, GT2 & GT3 cars. Aaron and Todd both forced me to keep my foot in
it, they were only 10 or so seconds behind at the end.

It was a good race to end the Western Conference series Majors races.
Kevin Smith
1993 Firebird AS #03 Oregon Region SCCA & ICSCC
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