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Old 01-19-2019, 08:26 AM
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Default February Prelims


Changes for AS under REC for 2020.

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Old 01-19-2019, 11:42 AM
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Default Hey, Ted Warning!

Hi, Ted, I tried the PM but no results. When you read this please give me a call at 831 324 8616. I've been trying to boost the A Sedan numbers here in the San Francisco Region (in addition to the influx of a dozen SMG cars thanks to the BoD) and one of the interested parties is my brother-in-law. He's a buyer right now just waiting for the right car at the right price. Ring me...thanks, Richard
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Old 01-19-2019, 06:00 PM
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Default From an SMG Driver/Owner

This is an email exchange I received today. He wants to remain anonymous but wanted his words posted.

I recommend reading from the bottom up.


************************************************** **********
On 1/19/2019 2:36 PM, SMG Mustang wrote:
I’d rather not say. The SMG guys are kinda split on which they want to do and I don’t want anyone mad at me. I tried to join asedan net to post but hadn’t heard from Jeff. I already heard unofficial that SMG did not get approved at the meeting this weekend. So everyone is going to be mad now on all fronts. That makes even less sense because we thought touring wanted us while asedan did not. Good day.

Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 8:24 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: SMG in AS

Who is the author of the below? Please put a name to this and I will be happy to respond. Thanks, Pam Richardson

P. S. I did hear a rumor that the car would be classed in T3, but, that
they couldn't do it quickly enough for that Race Memo, which made no
sense to me. Looks like the SMG drivers need to write letters to the
BOD as well (bod@scca.com).

On 1/19/2019 1:51 PM, SMG Mustang wrote:

pam. i never got responde from jeff so i figure you next.
*Sent:* Friday, January 18, 2019 at 1:21 PM
*Subject:* SMG in AS
jeff we know as is mad about smg in as. smg is mad also. smg actually
wants to go to t3 so we were all caught by suprise by the as thing.
it was posted on facebook touring site that the crb had reviewed smg
to t3 and waited to talk about it at the convention setting. the crb
soliticited every1 opinion on smg to t3 and we ALL sent in letters.
the committee recommended positive. but then they wanted to hear from
t3 drivers that were already in the class. we have heard from peopple
in th eknow and fello racers that that was very much received well so
we were all expecting to move to t3 soon. i wanted to tell you this
because i know every1 is mad in as but also we are holding out our
hopes and desires that we will be in t3 which is what we wanted and
appears they want us too. i hafe read that the as comm didnt want us
in as but have heard touring does so anyway wnted you to know. we are
also mad bvecause it seems like it is taking to long and we are
missing or will miss events for what seems like a nobrainer since the
comunity and commitee seems positive. i am not sure if t3 and as both
are allowed where every1 will race. have a blessed day.

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Old 01-19-2019, 06:33 PM
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For the record I had not received an email from this person and when Pam let me know about it I reached out to them to get them signed up on the forum since that's what it sounded like they were after. They declined to do so at this time. I edited Pam's post only to remove the email addresses. Nothing else was changed.

I had a great passion for AS and the SCCA in general at one point. If it were not for the great amount of joy I get hanging out with and helping one of my very best friends Mike McGinley race his Corvette I would have bailed on this hobby already. With someone who has two AS eligible cars sitting around and the ability to redirect disposable income to jumping back in one I have to say that something like this abrupt decision puts me even further away from the possibility of that ever happening. There's more too but honestly I don't feel like getting into it.

Will be looking for someone to take over this URL (website) soon. More to come on that.

Cheers to the friends I have made and all the AS racers I have had the pleasure to be around or talk to!
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Old 01-24-2019, 07:10 AM
Rotaryracer Rotaryracer is offline
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I'm not on FaceSpace as much, but found this post was referenced in the last SCCA Apex Newsletter/road racing email:
American Sedan welcomes Spec Mustang in 2019, and finds early success:

The fan favorite V8 American muscle class that has given us some of our best racing is looking ahead to attract the next generation of racer. The popular Spec Mustang Car was welcomed into the class as a turn key Restricted Prep classification. It starts life as a 2005-2010 Mustang chassis, powered by a stock 4.6 L powertrain, and adds spec parts that anyone can buy, install, and race. It provides a much-needed low cost pathway for any driver in AS to build and race, due to the fact that the chassis development is complete and detailed in the rules. It parallels the Restricted Prep Camaros, Mustangs, and Challengers that use stock powertrains brought into AS back in 2012 as a competitive low-cost option. The SMG formula, however, takes it one step further by listing the parts that are to be used: from the brakes, wheels, shocks, and all suspension parts (see GCR Appendix for its straightforward ruleset).

While the foundation of the class is well known carbureted full prep cars with higher power levels, the committee saw an opportunity to provide another competitive option for those that prefer the simplicity of stock fuel injected motors. A preview of the action was seen at the January 2019 Sonoma Majors race. Each version of AS car, Full prep, Restricted Prep, and a pair of two new SMG cars were entered. While the SMG platform driven by Clark Nunez won both races, the racing was excellent, and will go a long way to create close racing action as each platform has different strengths that show at different areas of the track. The committee has utilized four years of data in classing the platform, as the SMG has been classed in T2 for years and will continue to be. This will give a driver who is interested in running multiple classes in a weekend a great option. This, along with the backbone of ground pounding Full Prep cars and the Restricted Prep cars, will give any AS competitor a pathway to enjoy some of the best V8 racing anywhere.

When you hear the rumble of a V8 at the next race, you’ll want to watch out for more great American Sedan racing.
That was posted on 17-Jan...probably about the same time the AS request to reverse the decision letters started arriving in the BoD inbox.

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Old 01-28-2019, 08:08 PM
Richard Pryor Richard Pryor is offline
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If you wrote a letter to the Bod regarding the SMG group bing classed in AS you will have received the following letter. If you didn't here it is posted in its entirety:

2019 AS SMG:
American Sedan Competitors,

Thank you for sharing your opinion on the recent changes to the American Sedan class. As members of the Board of Directors itís our job to review changes proposed by the Club Racing Board and approve those we find appropriate. We rely on the expertise that sits on the Club Racing Board and its committees to research and discuss these changes and conclude they are the best steps going forward before they are presented to the BOD.

As the BoD liaisons to the CRB we asked that they put together a letter to explain the reasoning behind their proposal. It may not change your opinion, but we feel it's a good explanation of why the club is going in this direction.

Thanks again, Marcus Meridith, Peter Jankovskis, Bob Dowie

From the CRB:
When AS was in its heyday, it was a garage built, simple, V8 racecar class Fast forward to 2018, where the top running AS cars are light years ahead of the typical AS garage built cars in terms of highly developed race engines and chassis. What was a 20k build has grown many times over, with the gap between the haves and have nots discouraging many drivers from running. The bottom line is that no class can easily grow when a competitive car costs 3-4 times to build vs. what other classes in the club can offer from a driving experience and overall car value.

Since its inception, the key to the success of AS was easy access to building V8race cars. 7 years ago, the committee recognized this important idea, and came up with a plan to allow late model cars into the class with no power train modifications from stock. To keep these cars in the competitive set, they were allowed larger brakes, tires, and wheels that typically came with the newer models. This was called restricted prep, RP. While the idea was noble, its success was limited due to the lack of competition and the needed chassis development that was needed to take a solid axle car from decades ago and turn it into a serious track performer. Recent years has shown RP cars like the CTS-V to be competitive, but its independent rear suspension, and much more power than any other RP car has left it as the only option to run this route.

In 2014 on the west coast, a group saw this huge gap and created the Spec Mustang. In spirit, it followed the original formula that started the AS classifications. Cheap, easy, V8 garage build race cars. They even gave you the parts list of all components to buy, and just like RP, doesnít allow any power train modifications. Its success isnít the reason why it was voted into AS, but the formula that it uses is now the running philosophy that the AS committee is using. SMG was simply the best and quickest way to kick off that idea to start this direction. We are told that more platforms are going to follow in its
place that are true to allow simplification of the AS program, while keeping the highly prepared race cars that AS is known for as the core.

As far as concerns with the car from a performance standpoint, it has the same tire size, wheel size, and weights as the RP cars that are already in the class. It in fact has the lowest horsepower/torque rating of any AS car. Compared to the top highly developed cars, the deficit is in the range of 70-95 horsepower. It makes up for that disadvantage with a well developed chassis (that anyone could do in the current RP Mustang, but simply hasnít due to the development costs), AND the only three items that are beyond the AS philosophy: 1- ABS is still turned on, 2 - a rear wing. 3 - aftermarket rear control arms.

The committee felt that ABS could be easily disabled if it becomes too much of a departure with the other cars (that is the case with the current RP allowed cars). To encourage immediate participation and better evaluate the impact of ABS, they would be allowed that feature for 2019. As far as the wing goes, yes it is mostly for visual appeal, and anyone would be hard pressed to find a significant performance gain (other than drag). But the committee again thought that if you were given the choice of a wing or 70-90 horsepower, most drivers would choose the power. The rear control arm is something that can easily be given to all cars as itís a simple cost effective component that everyone in the class wants.

As far as lap times go, there are ways to try to compare given the fact that these cars have been running in other series and classes for years. There no doubt that the SMG car can only be competitive on handling tracks. The power levels are not enough to compete in a straight line. And like all of our classes that combine cars with different characteristics, if the cars can run the same lap time but one can pull 6-10 car lengths on the straightaway, which would most people choose?

The combination of a simple, inexpensive package, that can be run out of the box, are the main selling points that brought in the idea of the Spec Mustang, not its class killing competitiveness.

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Old 01-28-2019, 08:10 PM
Danny"TheKraken"Richardson Danny"TheKraken"Richardson is offline
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Simple an inexpensive? Isn't the car like 40k?
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Old 01-28-2019, 08:11 PM
Richard Pryor Richard Pryor is offline
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Default What i love

What particularly stands out for me is the last paragraph:

"The combination of a simple, inexpensive package, that can be run out of the box, are the main selling points that brought in the idea of the Spec Mustang, not its class killing competitiveness."

We'll, I guess the Bod and CRB feel that $35,000 - $40,000 SMG cars are an inexpensive package. And I love the composition of the thoughts so that the SMG wasn't classified for "its class killing competitiveness" haha...boy, who writes their stuff.

Do you think anyone on the BoD or CRB even saw a SMG run here in the SFR?

Bottom line is in the short term it's only going to effect the top end of the pyramid of AS racers..the rest of us will continue to have fun racing wherever in the field we are without spending $40k on an AS car.
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Old 01-29-2019, 09:22 AM
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The CRB AS letter makes a lot of sense to me. My guess is the changes to AS will either save the class or accelerate its demise. IMO AS was on the path to a slow death anyway so let's see what happens now with SMG in and Gen 4 RP cars getting a power adder.

The $40K number gets thrown around as the cost of an SMG car, but I have a question. Is that the cost of a turn key pro built car or is that the cost of buying a used 4.6 Stang and all the parts to bolt on?

I know the following is like arguing about religion, but to me it has become obvious that Fox bodies have been shone the door. A number of Foxes have already left and the resent changes will only speed up that process. If the Foxes get their #200 wt break back the blood letting of Foxes cars might stop.

I have been running an AS Fox since 1994 and all in all it has been a great run for me.

Brian Mikes, LOL
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Old 01-29-2019, 11:30 AM
Tim White Tim White is offline
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Nice to know we all got the same email. I'm not sure how they believe that adding such a specific car is going to save the class, it seems the attrition just might out number the additions. Maybe they should find out why drivers have parked their cars, like the Fox weight, and address those.
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