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Old 01-31-2019, 05:05 PM
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What has actually happened with SMG is that they have not increased participation, just moved current SMG cars from T2 to ASedan. The unfortunate
part is that this was discussed for several years and there were lots of issues with the parts on the car that had been denied to AS cars multiple times. There was a WDYT about this car before the Laguna Runoffs. (I'm not sure about the actual timing of the WDYT)The head mucky muck for SMG said that he didn't care about being competitive, they just wanted to race in SCCA so they could do the Runoffs. The CRB put them in T2, since nobody that raced in AS wanted the modifications (and ABS) that had always been denied to ASedan. Personally, I think the cars are overpriced for what they are, and overpriced for ASedan. Some future problems will show up if the cars go to the Runoffs and there is no way to tech their dyno requirements. Dyno sheets are easy to falsify, so Tech will have to have a dyno available to make sure the engines are compliant. Not sure how that will happen. New clarifications of the rules do not allow anyone to touch a car in impound without permission from the Tech crew. The Tech crew will need to know not to let anyone attach a computer to the cars in impound.
The new Chairman of the ASAC is John Blanchard, who was the Chair when I was on the ASAC before joining the CRB nine years ago. He is a good guy, who is building and racing ASedans.
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