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Old 10-24-2019, 10:21 AM
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Jim, you and the rest of the group did really great work - on the tire piece and other issues. You guys also did a great job of keeping people informed. People may not have always agreed, but the decisions certainly were not being made in darkness. Been just a little different since.....
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Old 10-24-2019, 11:12 AM
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While Chairman of the CRB, I submitted several requests through the normal process for changes in ASedan. Almost all of them were turned down. It never bothered me that they did not agree with my requests, as I was able to watch the process. In addition, Pam made sure that everyone, not just the CoCRB got all of the information. I started racing AS in 1994 and lived through the old days of iron cranks, terrible, dangerous brakes, T5 transmissions, and DQ's for not having operable side marker lights, and GM heads that flowed poorly as compared to the Fords. I carried the entire wiring harness in a trash bag in the trunk, since you could change wiring, but not remove it. Races commonly had more smoking holes around the track than finishers. The class, today, is a much better class than in the old days.
The VIR Runoffs was my 269th ASedan race and VIR kicked my ass.

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Old 10-25-2019, 01:13 PM
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Default Tire Rule

Jim --

I was out of town when you asked for the tire info. All that the ASAC would need is the letter that we submitted to the CRB, which, I did research, and the letter number is 21799. Since I don't have access to the CRB website, and the ASAC members do, they should be able to retrieve this letter to see how it was presented during 2017.

Hopefully, ASAC members are continuing to monitor this forum and will pick this up.

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