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Old 06-20-2019, 10:32 PM
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Default Road america supertour

Congrats to mcdermid for winning both days and matt reagan for 2nd on saturday

My car was having problems on friday had no oil pressure, me and my brother were about ready to pull the oil pan thinking it was a broken oil pump. But i tightened a oil line from the cooler and didnt pay attention and ended up kinking the line so i wasnt able to make practice or qualifing, satudays race went pretty well, jim had a panhard bar issue and wasnt able to finish, which it looked like a good race between jim and matt. Sundays race 3 laps out my transmission lost 3rd but matt also had transmission issuses and wasnt able to finish the race.
Also big thanks to jim for helping me find a engine puller, just glad i didnt have to use it.
Andy schniedermeyer
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