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Old 02-15-2019, 03:35 AM
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Default Letter of no confidence in CRB

I have posted the following letter to the BOD to bring their attention to a problem that has been ongoing in SCCA for some time. Those of you who have an opinion should send it to the BOD: Approximately a year ago the competitors in Touring got together and wrote letters proclaiming a loss of confidence in the CRB for the actions of Kevin Fandozzi in particular. We were led to believe that the issue was resolved and Mr Fandozzi would no longer be the liaison for Touring.

Imagine my chagrin when Mr Fandozzi shows up as the liaison for Super Touring, a class that I have a particular interest in seeing be successful as I was on the STAC in the beginning. It has become obvious recently that he is pulling the same BS moves that he engaged in as TAC liaison.
n addition, it has become obvious that he is still engaged in BS when it comes to Touring and now American Sedan.

Has the BOD/CRB somehow come to the conclusion that more of his particular brand of behind the scenes b*llshit and outright dishonesty is good for the competitors and the club as a whole? I would mention that my particular opinion of him is that he is a liar and deceptive person but I don't want to set a mean tone for this letter.

The path that has been set by the CRB is going to breed distrust amongst the drivers and I for one will not be pursuing the path to the Runoffs as we have done for the last 26+years. I will be posting this letter to the people I think are most affected by what I can best describe as a virus that has been set loose on the club for years now.

The impetus for this letter came about when I was informed that several members of the STAC/CRB committees whom I often disagree with but can at least respect the fact that they are honest with me as to their opinions/position on club matters have either been fired or have quit their positions. I respect them for their actions in this matter.

David Mead
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