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Old 07-28-2014, 12:20 PM
Scott Sanda Scott Sanda is offline
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Default Road America race report

Well, it was a battle of the not quite pointy end guys

Saturday Qual was horrible, car just moved everywhere. Only did a couple of Laps.

Turns out all my shock cans were leaked down. I had LR at 130 PSI, RF at 50 PSI. I used to check the damn things every weekend, and they never moved, and in the 5 weeks since the Sprints they all went south. (I checked them at Sprints).

Race was much better. Got a good start, got up close to Chris, and ended up on his tale by lap 3. On lap 5 he had a bad entry to 14, and went really wide, and I passed him on the front straight and stayed ahead until the finish. Had what was, for me, a bunch of really good, consistent laps. Chris and I also think he has an car issue, since it seemed to get weaker as the race went on.

Sunday, it was just Prestin Read and I. 10 Min before race start I was looking at the radar, and saw a big cell that was probably going to hit us. I gambled, and switched to Rains. Prestin did the same.

I pulled to the side and lined up at the back, since I didn't want to burn the tires down or get in people way at the start.

For 3 laps I kinda tooled around, getting more and more worried about tire chunking. They were starting to talk to me a bit already.

lap 4 the rain started, lap 5 it was raining hard.

After that, it was a lot of fun. Biggest challenge was not running into the guys tip towing around. I almost lapped the whole field. I figure they were all about to catch me right before the rain started.

Didn't push in the braking zones, there was no need, so I set no rain records. On the other hand, I neither spun nor hit anything.

Ended up 3rd overall, with 2 T2 porches, on slicks, in front of me. The traction Control, stability control and ABS on modern 911's is pretty awesome.

All in all a good weekend, but I wish there were more cars.
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Old 07-28-2014, 01:12 PM
PamRichardson PamRichardson is offline
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Default Congratulations Scott!!!

...on a great weekend and a great tire choice!

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Old 07-28-2014, 04:57 PM
kbsmith1 kbsmith1 is offline
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Very nice Scott. Congratulations on both of your wins.
Kevin Smith
1993 Firebird AS #03 Oregon Region SCCA & ICSCC
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