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Old 06-04-2014, 09:34 PM
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Originally Posted by andy mcdermid View Post
The 17" wheel tire combo we run is 4 ozs lighter than our 16"s

Lose the wheel weights!
Jeff Werth
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Old 06-04-2014, 10:15 PM
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So, did you have to add ballast to compensate for the lighter wheels?
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Old 06-04-2014, 10:55 PM
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Default tires,

Originally Posted by wre46 View Post
Lose the wheel weights!
well, they say a sidewall makes a better driver faster, and that a higher sidewall is less forgiving,,,,,, anyone what to add for this thought?

Funny ASSCAR uses a 15 inch tire and big high sidewall, --- so does the sidewall add less air buildup in a 17 or 16 ?

considering ive done a lot of M/C racing with a less volume tire,
Theres a lot to be gained and lost in 16/17

Yee Haw lets start talking,,,

We go to dry sumps- This isn't A/S anymore-----
anyway, looks like 2010 tech overwhelmed 2002 , in engs,wheels,tires
im old school A/S 600DP Holley,,,,,,,,,,,

Sell us your LS2 to put in a classic car, and do what A/S was ment to be-

Wheeler----Chuck------------,,,Your Fault,, Laugh with me ,,,,,,
It is what it is,,,,
To the Best Class---- I got 25 years here, and they Didn't Throw me out Yet,

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Old 06-04-2014, 11:19 PM
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Default Dont beat me up. its about Carbs,old school,

When I started A/S it was about making things last, and getting the most out
of what was allowed, brakes,driveline motor tires,
we use to use 450.00 in front pbr pads a National, I seemed to use one set of rotors,
as for motors, 10.3 cast crank,
I don't no what was worse, the 4 link in Fomoco or the Gm long arm,

Wheel hop- more than 4 hops going into 5? at M-O
Spit the crank out at 6500. we cyro them did 7100, but don't screw up,

We got 3rd links, shocks,
now 7400 into 5 M-O
Now blocks are breaking,so you refresh it 1-3 races,
Seemed only this stuff shows up at m-O,,,

We should of just let 350-351s as we build them now with the parts we have
and been soooo far ahead,
maybe its Old school but ,,,,Read a book and build a 355 with a 600DP

We I feel got Out of hand in a way,,,

Lets get me in the fire,,,,, lol
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Old 06-05-2014, 10:29 AM
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Enkei RPF1 17"x8" 16.05 lbs per Enkei ,and they're cheap.
Rotating mass is a lot different than non rotating.

Contact Steve at Discount tire, 517-622-8700
He will hook you up.

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