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Old 01-09-2019, 08:55 PM
Tim White Tim White is offline
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Default SMG in AS?

Are they competitive? Splitters, wings, tiger hood?
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Old 01-10-2019, 11:04 AM
PamRichardson PamRichardson is offline
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Default Smg

Tim --

Their rule set is listed in Appendix M of the GCR. You could review their rules and perhaps come to a conclusion.

FYI, at Sonoma (only one track), in the T2 race, their top car was 1 second faster than the top 4 AS cars in the AS race.

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Old 01-10-2019, 11:34 AM
Richard Pryor Richard Pryor is offline
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Default Onward into the past

Hi, Pam and all,

Well, it now appears that the new direction for A Sedan has been set after exhaustive discussion and input from all the stakeholders in AS, i.e. the drivers and car owners. Somehow I missed all that but I'm sure it's archived somewhere.

As a 70+ year old just out for fun in a RP Camaro this year, the classifying of SMG and their rule set into AS doesn't really matter to me. But as being a member of the one region in the USA where the cars actually run I've followed them with interest since the class inception. It's a great class with a specific rule set to make a fun race car at a specific price point. My personal opinion is that their current rules/prep renders them faster than AS.

We'll find out as the year progresses, but I don't expect the pre-Runoffs results to really give an indication of what they might do. How many times have we seen newly classed cars sandbag the year, barely qualify, and then rise from the ashes of mid pack like a Phoenix to dominate the race.

As a point of interest and comparison here are the lap race records for both classes in the San Francisco Region:

Sonoma AS Runoffs: 1:50.345
Sonoma SMG 1:46.793

Laguna Seca AS Runoffs: 1:38.898
Laguna Seca SMG: 1:38.639

Thunderhill AS: 2:01.647
Thunderhill SMG: 1:58.263

As I said..it'll be an interesting Runoffs. Andy...have you started your SMG/AS build yet?. And I'll bet that an SMG/AS wins the Runoffs this year.
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Old 01-10-2019, 11:45 AM
kbsmith1 kbsmith1 is offline
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Richard - I am of exactly th same opinion as you. We went through this is late 2013, early 2014. And got it backed out thankfully.

SMG pretty much renders all other AS cars non-competitive, at least if you want to be at the front of the field.
Kevin Smith
1993 Firebird AS #03 Oregon Region SCCA & ICSCC
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Old 01-10-2019, 02:50 PM
jimwheeler jimwheeler is offline
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I'm off the CRB for 10 days, Kopp is off the ASAC for about the same, and this happens.
Write letters, although I am no longer allowed to see them, since I am not on the CRB. Going through withdrawal.
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Old 01-10-2019, 04:36 PM
fastandyracing fastandyracing is offline
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So Jim, where they waiting for you to leave to do this? I was surprised when I saw it, thinking we already went thru this. But in all fairness, we really need some fresh blood in this class. In the Florida area there are only 2 or 3 AS cars running right now. Very concerned.
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