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Old 11-08-2010, 02:23 PM
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Default GCR'$ and other musings

I just received an email stating if I want a hard copy of the GCR's I have to Pony up money. I wrote back and started that you can just deduct the $10 from my membership is you don't send me a hard copy. What do we get for our National License? Use to be a hard copy of the GCR and then our regional dues pay for the local region Publications, and of course Sportscar. What do we get now? Regional pubs are not sent out now, and the online versions I see are months, if not years old. Sportcar does not cover National events except of an occasional set of results. These 2 pubs were a good way of getting some sort of sponsorship or exposure and now they are gone.
I feel SCCA has totally sold out its membership and it’s time to take a stand. As a National driver, we pay a lot more for entry fees and get a lot less. SCCA sold us out to Safe Racer last year and I finished 2nd in my Division and 2nd at the Runoffs. Want to know what the payout was $0.00. Let talk tow money. They did it line of site and less than what the government pays per mile. The Runoffs contingency was a joke. On the podium I had to put on hats that I never used their products and some that conflicted with my sponsors. If I am lucky enough to ever get back to the podium, I am going to refuse to wear them for pictures as there are no rules stating in either the GCR or Sups requiring us to comply. My total payout from the supposing $1.5 Million dollar contingency....ZERO But we got little flags, a t-shirt and a set of glasses, a metal (if you where lucky enough to get a podium spot) and a trophy. SCCA does not give you ANY money to tear your motor down and forces you to use high price suppliers that are at the track (Racing fuel).
Am I pissed…Yes. Will SCCA respond, NOPE, they keep missing the point on why there membership is shrinking? So why do I do it? First I enjoy the folks I have met as fellow competitors. I thought I enjoyed GT-5 till I started racing AS. American Sedan folks are one of the few reasons I keep on coming back for at least a few more seasons.

I f you agree with any of the statements in these message, please spread the word and talk to your RE’s and Divisional folks about the sad state SCCA is heading too.
Jeff Werth
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