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Default WHRRI Outlaws A-type Tires in 2020

The Waterford Hills Road Racing Competition Board has approved a supplemental rule requiring R-Type, not A-type tires in American Sedan starting in 2020 when racing at WHRRI. Sixteen current racers endorsed the proposal.

In the hopes that SCCA take similar action to reduce racing expenses, WHRRI has taken the lead. Most of us run Hoosier tires, so R7 are legal, A7 are not. Other brands are welcome if they have the Racing, not Autocross compound.

In 2019 we had almost 20 AS racers compete during our 6 weekend series. John Blanchard deserves most of the credit for this amazing group of regional racers. We have a blast; come join the fun in 2020.

Jay Pistana
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