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Claudia and I did the two day tow to VIR, with rain most of one day. Last several hours was up and down hill on ok roads. We bypassed the real twisty stuff, as we were told that the Big Kahuna wouldn't make it. The track pretty much kicked my ass for four days. First day (misting rain on slicks on a track I had only driven in the golf kart - (Thank you Andy McDermid for showing Little Andy and me around) I did a 720 spin into the grass. Second day a 360 and a 180 added to the misery. In addition, Andy Schneidemeyer and I went to the Monday night welcome party (after at least an hour waiting for the shuttle) only to find there was NO food. Then, another hour and a half to get back to the track. Compared to MidO or RA, it was the pits. Tuesday, Claudia and I had pretty good food at the Mazda area. Mazda really takes care of SCCA racers - not just the ones who race their cars. Wednesday, saw three more spins, resulting in my sliding sideways and backwards into the tire wall, tearing off the rear bumper cover. Ed Sodano did the repairs and I painted it with the only paint I had - black. We walked up the hill to the worker awards party, at about 7 p.m. to find they only had corn and mac and cheese left. Six lines of workers stood for an hour, waiting for food that never came. Pathetic.
Race day, I moved up about four or five places in three corners, only to get behind a Mustang blowing oil all over the track. I slid off a couple of times. More later.

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