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Pam - good letter, but I'm thinking it will not make any difference, unfortunately. It seems that the plan is to revamp the class with RP/more current cars. Based on Sonoma results, it appears that the SMG cars can win fairly easily on "handling" tracks - older FP cars would probably still win on tracks that put more of a premium on horsepower.

That said, this development is going to freeze everyone in place for some time - no one will be spending any real money on existing cars, and anyone considering the class will have to step back and figure out which way to go. Existing car owners are now going to have to look at other clubs/venues.

I'm not that well versed in the rules, but shouldn't this big of a change have had significantly more discussion? I wasn't really that aware of previous attempts to fold in SMG (I was out of racing at the time), but based on your letter, the feelings of the group at that time were clear.
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