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Default ABS in AS?

You say bring AS into the "1990's" by bringing ABS into FP. Where is the need? Why push it on a community that doesn't want it? "increasing the car count" has been used so many times to push changes onto us existing drivers. Every single time, we hear the same story. "With weight adders it wont be a competitive advantage". Aluminum heads and brakes are 2 examples. Now both are required if you want to run up front. Heck, I'm already $30,000 behind in my build. Now add another $7-10k, plus development.

You say it will increase car counts. I don't buy it but really don't know. I can say, it will decrease car counts by one. It would be cheaper to convert my car to run my local dirt track.

Some have said run and show how the new rules produce over dogs. Done that for 3 years now. Watched the gap grow bigger. Not voting no again, and watch high $$$$ cars get faster. No thanks. And I was so looking forward to VIR this year.
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