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Originally Posted by jimwheeler View Post
Thanks for the info.
I actually put in a number of requests for things that were routinely denied by the ASAC and the AS community. I could easily have gone ahead and made the changes, since I had the votes on the CRB, but I never did. I am positive that the way the SMG came into the class was not done according to the system as I have known it for 9 years.

first of all KUDOS to you for not just gifting yourself adders for your car during your tenure on the CRB. I am sincere in saying that, my biggest problem has been with rules makers who lie and cheat and steal to get exactly what they want for themselves or even just because they think they're smarter than everyone else such as the last few rules changes have been done... All roads lead to one person plus an accomplice and it pisses me off like you can't even imagine... In fact I was fired from the TAC by you for blowing the whistle on this person... I sure wish you knew then what I did and what you know now... You and I have not always seen eye to eye but pretty sure we see the same thing now...

I also know your beef wasn't with the competitiveness of the car but with how it made it's way in to the class...
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