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Originally Posted by PamRichardson View Post
Scotty --

Thanks for the supportive comments.

Question, since I have so little experience in this area. Most FP cars and, as time goes on, most RP cars have dual master cylinders and a balance bar. I've heard in the past there were racing ABS system that could accommodate such a setup, but, can't quickly find anything now. Also heard they were very pricey in the past, in the $25000 range.
Pam, my idea would be to allow a FP car to go to an OEM system, like if you retrofitted a gen3 system onto your Gen2...? I imagine this would be complete with master and booster..? I think this is feasible since (I think) most of the FP gang are pretty good fabricators and mechanics...

As for aftermarket ABS, it's VERY expensive! It's not $25k expensive but all of $10k new and $6-7k used... Another important note here is the aftermarket systems are much more sophisticated and MUCH better systems than an OEM that might be retrofitted and if penalty/ballast was equal for these two type systems it would give the haves a much bigger advantage over the have-not's...

I would not endorse the aftermarket ABS, for reference, when we looked at it for T1 we figured a 100LB add OVER the OEM ABS...

I think the important thing is you add enough weight so the ABS is NOT an advantage but will help grow the class... Is that penalty 100#? 50#? 250# IDK but I am a firm believer ABS should be allowed in A Sedan...
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