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Thanks for the info. As to whether the SMG is competitive, or not, that was not part of my issue with the car coming into AS. Going back to before Laguna, the ASAC sent out a number of requests for input about bringing the cars into AS. The result was pretty much 100% against, except for the handful of SMG drivers. This was mainly due to the cars having a bunch of stuff that had been denied to AS, when requested, over the years. Those things, like aero and aftermarket control arms, etc. were not denied just by the ASAC, but by member input, as it should have been.
I actually put in a number of requests for things that were routinely denied by the ASAC and the AS community. I could easily have gone ahead and made the changes, since I had the votes on the CRB, but I never did. I am positive that the way the SMG came into the class was not done according to the system as I have known it for 9 years.
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