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Default ABS in FP cars

Scotty --

Thanks for the supportive comments.

Question, since I have so little experience in this area. Most FP cars and, as time goes on, most RP cars have dual master cylinders and a balance bar. I've heard in the past there were racing ABS system that could accommodate such a setup, but, can't quickly find anything now. Also heard they were very pricey in the past, in the $25000 range. Likely if they still do exist for 3rd gen Cambirds, Fox Bodies, potentially any SN Mustangs that didn't come with ABS, ASers wouldn't want to do that.

One of the issues with changing the rules in AS, is that, the community doesn't really like rules creep and cost to be competitive. But, as you know, not my call anymore, just a heads up.

Any thoughts you might have on this would certainly be appreciated.

Pam Richardson
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