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A couple things...

I hate the way this happened because it didn't follow procedure and it got shoved down the A Sedan community's throat or slipped in under the back door or whatever you wanna call it so I feel for you guys who are long time AS racers...
Y'all have NOTHING to fear from the SMG, I've spent way too much time in those cars and they will get KILLED everywhere except Sonoma, Mid-O & Laguna... Even in the rain an RP car was able to win handily at Sonoma and COTA over a very talented and arguably the best SMG driver around (x motorcycle & roundy roud driver of multiple years)
I DO however think it's time to bring A Sedan into the 1990's and allow ABS on ALL the cars with an appropriate weight penalty of course... I believe strongly it will add entries to A Sedan from multiple sources... I hope a rule gets in allowing ABS to be retrofit onto FP AS cars with weight penalty of XX since this would be an easy thing to do just buying wrecking yard parts for those who want it but the penalty needs to be such that ABS will NOT become an advantage.

Further, if you allow ABS on RP cars they need to run COMPLETELY 100% as delivered or run in T2 as a crossover... No mixing and matching FP & RP rules...

Just my $.02 and worth exactly what you paid for it...
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