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Originally Posted by jimwheeler View Post
ASedan numbers have been fairly good, compared to a number of other classes. Reorganization of GT2 and some of the T classes have bumped their numbers, but AS is in no danger of dropping out of the Majors/Runoffs programs. That being said, participation is the key to the future success of the class. Since entry numbers on the west coast have been very low, even with the Runoffs being held at Laguna and Sonoma, the SMG cars should help bump the numbers out there. I doubt that anyone will be buying/building these cars at their price, and given how cheaply you could build a car like Kevin drives, (or a RP Ford) I do see the same issues that some of you have pointed out. ABS, bigger wheels and tires, aero, etc. Data now rules, and if data shows a problem, the ASAC and CRB will fix it.
I guess I don't understand your point here regarding participation numbers. What you say above implies participation matters, in regards of the possibility of being dropped or reorganized, Although not a threat at this time. Yet, from a previous discussion.

" I can't make this any more simple. There is no rule and no threat of any class being dropped from the Runoffs. I agree that the guideline should never have been written, but it does not threaten removing any class from the Runoffs."

These appear to contradict each other and if no class has ever been dropped why discuss it? It's a moot point.
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