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Default The Future

Back in the day when I was watching from the CRB Secretary position, I watched a group of determined GTL drivers at the tent meeting at Road America declare to the CRB that they would get their numbers up because they wanted to continue their class. And, in one year's time, they did.

At this point, I'd like to encourage a few things.

One is, to come out and compete in the races. I know VIR very well and you will be going to one of the most beautiful venues on the planet for the Runoffs this year, with excellent facilities and friendly Southern Hospitality. So, come out and race in the Majors this year and attend VIR.

Another is, to stand up with letters when you disagree with what your AC and the CRB are doing. This is your right and you should let them know what you want for your class. In that light, when you feel strongly about BOP changes, ask and encourage the ASAC to take data at events this year to support your request. Tell them where you will be so they can capture data from your car. This is something that is very easy to do. Topeka has a good number of data boxes and Tech staff should be at all Super Tours for sure and possibly some Majors.

Next, both Danny and I remember days at MidO when 40+ AS cars went down the back straight to take the green. Danny remembers sitting in the stands and hearing the roar and the ground and stands shake (that's when he decided to race!!!!). My personal goal is to have 40 cars at VIR.

Finally, from experience, think about your programs (you, the car, the setup, etc.) and where you are. If you want to move forward, think about whether or not you need to make changes. Many of you have watched Danny grow through the program over the years since 2010. I am here to say that each year, as the crew chief/engineer, I think that my winter punchlist will be less. But, every year since he started running Nationals, the punchlist has grown. Be innovative, learn, grow and do great things.

I'll never forget what Andy told Danny after he coached him at Road America. "I want you up with me."

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