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Default Random Thoughts...

I wish to point out a few things to consider...

Class comparison, T2 variables-

inline turbo 4,
inline 6, flat six, supercharged v-6
4.6/5.0/5.7/6.2L V8
8.3L V10

front engine/mid engine/rear engine


Numerous wheel/tire sizes/plates/base weight plus adders

This simple, generic observation is to acknowledge to our group that a complex class, such as T2 can not only be well attended but also show close, competitive racing. Realize the variables, options and differences that need to be addressed, there is currently 46 T2 spec lines!

Point is, American Sedan are simple V8 cars can easily be adjusted/balanced and can ALL be competitive. We have a great core group of drivers, numerous friends and competitors that need to realize that there will be a balance found and issues to address. Learn from other classes, as numerous groups have had, and some currently have concerns still to address.

This is a fun class! Keep it alive!
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