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Kevin was kind enough to email me the answers to the above questions that were posed.

-Why was Kevin removed from WCVision rulemaking.

Well, to put it clearly, I was brought in in 2011 to help reverse a million dollar per year losing entity, and helped turn it into one of the most popular series in the US. Enough so, that it was bought out by SRO, and the partners that I was tied to sold their shares and moved on. Luckily, before this transfer took place, I was offered a six figure salary to develop the new DPi tires in the IMSA paddock and the entire product development from 2015 forward. It was too good to pass up.

Why was Kevin cast out from the Touring World?

Again to clarify this, I was brought in to manage to the new Touring classes many many years ago (2009?). Most were failing, and not making the numbers. Fast forward, all are above the average, some in the top 10, and healthy with respect to the future. I was recently moved to AS, Formula, and Super Touring. All facing the same fate with weak numbers country wide.

He has informed me that he cannot post on these forums and is looking for permissions to do so. Maybe he will be able to clear the air
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