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You have a tough week. I can't imagine how mad I would be if someone plowed into me in qualifying and broke my hatch. I would have lost my mind. I agree there where a huge number of cars that where crashed early in the week not sure if it is any worse as a precentage to any other group. Lot's of guys and gals trying to go fast that are not familar with the track so they do not know when their car is in a really bad place.

My race was a series of driver erros and a car that got 3 seconds slower. I figured out the issue after spending some time with Ed but I could not believe how hard the car got to drive. I keep learning the lesson of my no changes in parts during the week without being able to extensively test them.

Based on my understanding of tech they did a great job. I have done work with the BLP boys and they know how to tell if a carb is legal. The class needs more of this stuff. BTW there gauges are all over the Holly spec to give the tech inspector the benefit of the doubt. If the gauge goes you have a problem.

I had some great wheel to wheel racing with Dan Richardson amoung others. Have some great video of Jim Wheeler almost buying a new race car in the kink.

Congrats to all on the podium.

Time to start planning on how to get to Laguna next year. I can't wait.

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