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Originally Posted by Scott Sanda View Post
Car 74: GCR 9.1.6.D.1.d.c.i.b

Car 42: GCR 9.1.6.D.1.d, 9.1.6.D.i.k.l.g

I can't find c.i.b, nor can I find all of car 42's stuff.

Someone more versed in the way of the GCR needs to decipher that.

Looks like a Steward scribbled notes on a greasy napkin to hand to Timing&Scoring.

Carb venturis are listed under:
9.1.6.D.1.c.1.b instead of "9.1.6.D.1.d.c.i.b"

9.1.6.D.1.d is exhaust emissions:
...If EGR devices/nozzles are removed from a cylinder
head or manifold, any holes remaining shall be
completely plugged.

And guessing that "9.1.6.D.i.k.l.g" is also the result of poor penmanship, I'd say 9.1.6.D.1.k.1.g was intended: cylinder port matching.

You'd think that the official results sheets would be accurate.
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