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There is no published length. Its those 4 round things in the middle of the bore hloes. for the people who do not know what they are:

The tech folks took a STOCK holley carb and BLP measureing tools to measure everyones carbs.

One of the very sad things about SCCA is they wait till the biggest race of the year to look at anythihng on our cars. I ran and won 6 races this year. NO inspections of ANYTHING at ANY track, No open hoods, carb checks, fuel sampleing...NOTHING.

They were more concerned with Major's victory celebratiing than actually making sure everyone is compliant.

At one last rant. The tech guy came up to the car while on the grid at the five minutes signal and said he was going to put in a Data box in my car. I told him to hit the road and I would drive off the grid before I would let him do that.

SCCA is a club in trouble.
Jeff Werth
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