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Sloe got bounced for carb (short boosters I understand) Mike got it for valves just a bit too big. John H was Legal. Andy was legal. I was bounced for boosters (same carb that passed tech in 2010). The last I heard, Wheel was in impound and I presumed legal.
I ha d a fellow competitor hit me in the rear wheel door and front fender during my first hot lap in Q2 and destroyed any chance of me getting the car back to the performance I work for all season. The officials should have thrown this competitor out as he does not have enough experience to run a car of this speed. The SCCA gave him probation for this race and the next six. This same driver lost control under braking in turn 8 during the race and turned into the same side of my car, bending the front steering and the wheels. I will not say who he is, but many AS drivers reported him to the stewards. I have had this car for 6 years and have not touched another car in that time.
I was impressed that we did not have a full course caution. I believe over half the field fell out of the race at some point. I am sure Sloe will appeal his DQ. Funny if he wins the appeal, that would mean I would win mine. To tell you the true, I do not want my name associated with the 50th running of the SCCA.
So this will probably be my last race in AS, and maybe my last with SCCA. I have never seen so much bad driving in my life (in ALL classes). They must have destroyed over 80 cars his week, 30 totals before the race even started.
The high point were seeing Scott Sandra back on the track and seeing Tom Ellis finally make it to the track. I had a great few laps with John H and a battle with a broke and bent race car with Wheel. I was impressed how well Danny Richardson ran and got to spend some time with Andy M and Chris P to do some old style bench racing. Otherwise my week at the 50th was total hell.
All that being said, I hope other post there personnel stories that are happier than mine.
In the next few weeks, I will be posting a for sale for all my AS cars and parts and will be moving on to some other form of racing, I do not see some of the upcoming rule proposals and being good for the class as a whole. If I donít sell the car, I can just wait a few years and go vintage racing.

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