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finally have time to post my runoffs week. tuesday went out and had some misfiring seemed down on power, came in checked a few things nothing out of the ordinary, also my transmission kept popping out of 3rd so i had to hold it in for quali and race, do not reccomend. wednesday went out for quali and still felt down on power came in and pulled the spark plugs again. except 1 was missing the electrode tip, check the piston and everything looked good. put a new plug in and did a hardship lap, everything looked good after thinking it was just a manufacturing defect. the race start was interesting saw a bunch of brake lights and the center lane was open so i went for it was able to gain 9 positions before turn 1, trying to race one handed was a challenge. on lap 5 went into turn 1 and hit the brakes and my rear caliper locked up, which pretty much ended my race. will be looking to replace the stock rears with something better.
Andy schniedermeyer
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