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Apparently they revised the Supps again on 8/9. Change was minimal. In rally, we can only put the Supps out once and any changes have to go in numbered bulletins. We shouldn't have to get 9 versions of them. Who would I make that suggestion to?

I did notice on another forum that the out lap for Quali is different from what we normally do. FCY means no passing which might catch somebody out.

5.17. Out Lap/Pace Lap Procedures:
5.17.1. Qualifying: For all qualifying sessions, the course will be Full Course Yellow on the out lap until Turn 10. Cars going considerably slower and holding up other cars may be subject to penalty. The Turn 10 flag station will display a green flag on the qualifying out lap to indicate the start of green course conditions. The full course will be green once the lead car passes start/finish. Scrubbing tires and impeding the progress of other drivers after Turn 10 on the out lap is considered blocking.
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