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Originally Posted by MarkMuddiman View Post
Torsen T2R is the way to go. It's expensive but you'll never have to service it.
The auburn doesn't have high enough bias, nor does the non-R torsen.
You'll have to rebuild a clutch type diff every weekend, and Saturday night at 3-day events. The oil between the plates lasts 20 minutes or less.
We ran into that even with the V6 T4 mustangs. Using the Ford Racing diff it would show signs of degradation after as little as 2-3 weekends. 1 of our drivers insisted on replacing it every 2 weekends. fortunately they were inexpensive. We finally started using Yukon Gears discs and they work very well.

If I couldn't find a T2r I would run the Wavetrac. I was impressed by the owner during a conversation I was having with him about which was better. He believed his unit is better but said if we were comfortable using the T2r he would stick with it as the difference wouldn't be worth the effort to setup for the different diff. I respect a vendor's opinion when they are telling me why I shouldn't buy their product...
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