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Default Wider wheels

From a systems engineering perspective, I offer these thoughts.

Wider wheels COULD obsolete the Fox Body, the 3rd Gen, the 4th Gen, and all SN Mustangs, as with the rest of the current rules, they can't fit the wider wheels under the fenders. So, maybe you offer fender flares... Wider wheels will be harder on stock spindles and our small bearings. So do you include aftermarket spindles? When will the community arise over the costs of the changes, probably pretty quick.

We've been given the same guidance on wider wheels from Hoosier as well, so I know that is a fact. There are ways to be fast with the wheel/tire combination we have. I know we didn't get to run the race, but, we have been dealing with tire management processes since they repaved the Glen about 4-5 years ago, I believe.

As with everything else in AS, the fun is in figuring that out....

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