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The subject of tires came up when the ASedan racers met with the CRB at the Runoffs. Before I left the CRB, the ASAC recommended a tire rule that basically outlawed the "A" compound tires. The rule went out for member input, which was strongly in support of the rule. It then went to the BoD and was approved. The BoD asked for changes in the time-line for implementation. The ASAC and CRB made those changes and re-presented it to the BoD. In the meantime, a couple of new BoD members ambushed us and knocked down the rule. Almost immediately after that, the ASAC was reconstituted and I retired from the CRB.
Given all that, the "hard" tire rule has not gone away and the new ASAC will be discussing it. If they come up with a new rule, (or bring back the earlier proposal) it will have to go out for member input. I don't see anything possibly happening until 2021, if they go by the normal processes.

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