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Well, F prod has 21 limited prep miata's, 7 limited prep "other cars", about 5 competitive full prep, and 13 "iron head, stock brake, stock suspension" AS equivalents.

EP has 7 miata's, 10 or so RX7's, 3 RP porsches, 5 RP BMW's, and a some others.

Almost all the Miata's and RX7's are restricted prep.

All of them are running radial slicks these days.

Personally the main driver is "miata's and RX7's" are relatively cheap, and it is relatively inexpensive to get good power out of the various RP motors, especially the miata's.

Take them out of the fields, and they are smaller than ours.

I don't know what that means in terms of making our fields larger, but it is why theirs are so large.
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