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There were a number of Request for Action against Sloe for the reportedly intentional mugging of Andy. I have not seen the court's determination, but I was told that he received the maximum penalty allowed under the GCR, which is a 12 month suspension of his license. Since I have not seen an official response, I can't guarantee that is true. Andy, with multiple encouragements, filed a protest that whatever they gave him was not enough. This caused the CoA to convene and look at everything from the race as it pertained to Sloe's conduct. This included my deals and contact Sloe had with Stephen Ott and whomever else he hit.
Again, until the results of stuff is published, everything except my personal experience is hear-say and not definitive.

Despite the problems, it was a great week and I had a lot of fun driving my ass off to make passes and complete the event. Even with, essentially, no front brakes, I turned a faster lap in the race than my fastest lap in Qualy. I was pretty pleased with my performance and with the result.
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