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Originally Posted by KFan View Post
Mr. Dave Mead is clearly on a mudslinging campaign, so lets see if we can get to the bottom of it.

As background, as I understand it, he put together a program to run a RP Coyote Mustang. It ran at Sonoma. Albeit it not at the pointy end, but we are excited that he is working to find another platform that can compete in AS.

If you are upset about the current balance of that car, its really not my place to weigh in. The committee and liasons are in new hands, and we should all trust that they will do what is in the best interest of the class.

If there is another reason, please post it so that everyone can see the details, not simply your attempt to slander another person.

Kevin, this isn't about my 2012 RP Mustang effort. As you are fully aware of due to post Runoffs conversation, I am embarrassed that we didn't go there and kick the living shit out of the AS class. I haven't asked for anything for the car as I believe the car is very competitive at tracks that don't have the letters VIR and RA on them. I am only interested in 1 race a year, and that is the Runoffs. The FP cars will do very well there, and I am not interested in running a heavier car that has to spot them 80ish RWHP. My Tq and transmission aren't going to overcome that deficit. My car had a terminal push that we didn't figure out in time and thus didn't show the true potential of the car. I was, however, told that the data showed the car was fastest off the corner to 90+. My bad. The 4 sessions the car did at Sonoma were the first time it ever set foot on a track.

As far as the loss of trust with you it goes back to you blowing smoke up my ass during the 2014 season. You assured me the T4 Mustang was going to be the bogey for the class and based on that I built and sold multiple cars to people I considered friends, only to find out the Mazda products were going to be allowed to run roughshod over the T4 class. Those friends never drove those cars in SCCA again as far as I know.

As for why I wrote that letter, I had seen on the forums some of what I consider to be your modus operandi going on. The final straw was the STU debacle (aero, S54 BMW) and then receiving calls from adhoc and CRB members whom I rarely agree with (and rarely talk to) but trust completely. I don't care for what I am hearing/seeing and the common denominator is you. I won't build cars for or participate in a class that you are involved in.

I didn't answer your repeated calls to me because I knew what you were going to say. I was also busy fielding multiple calls from other competitors with similar opinions to my own. Right or wrong, if multiple teams and competitors don't trust the adhocs and CRB then that is bad for the classes and SCCA as a whole.

David Mead
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