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I would like to add some facts to set the record straight here.

Some back ground:
I just finished serving 7 full years on the STAC, 5 of those with Dave.

posted above:

" I was recently moved to AS, Formula, and Super Touring. All facing the same fate with weak numbers country wide."

As this relates to Super Touring, this is not an accurate presentation.

The facts are as follows based on SCCA posted Majors participation numbers:

(Year, Runoffs location)
(class, entries, ranking)

2018 Sears Point
STL 273 #3
STU 140 #14

2017 Indy
STL 362 #3
STU 184 #12

2016 Mid-O
STL 274 #3
STU 128 #14

2015 Daytona
STL 285 #4
STU 128 #8

2014 Laguna Seca
STL 346 #3
STU 86 #24

2013 Rd America
STL 270 #3
STU 71 #12

Those are the facts.

Some things to consider:
STU has the potential to be a very expensive build. You can spend $60K on boxes of shocks, electronics, brakes and gearbox and not even have a car or engine yet. As such, participation numbers will always be limited.

2013 was the year the Turbo cars were pulled back in STU.

STU has historically has strong representation in SEDIV, NEDIV and MIDDIV. Not so much on the west. 2014 Runoffs show this. None of the top drivers from 2013 and prior, all from the east, made the trip.

STU was originally intended to be a place for ex-World Challenge Touring cars. Reality showed that there were few left, and most had been sold overseas so the focus since 2011 has not been on ex-pro cars.

STL was made into an actual National class in 2012.

Majors particpation can be found here>

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