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What kind of specs are we talking about for the FR500?

To be honest, I've lost interest with the fords modular motor, forward. It is the weight of a big block for christ's sake, with piss poor performance.

Now, there is rumbling about good power, and the 302 coming back - in what form? Its still a 4 cam modular huge motor. Its just marketing to call it a 5.0L to stir fond memories of a SBF.

These are my opinions, not anything to do with the ASAC's. But frankly, since the "rules season" BS has gutted the ability of the people in the class to effectively manage the class, which was part of the deal I signed up for, I think once again the class is vulnerable to poor growth on the topic of new vehicles.

This will be the first time I've floated this particular test balloon, but in my opinion, since the only tools left for active class adjustments by anyone other than the BOD are restrictors and weight, I think it is somewhat inevitable to get the SIR involved in the class.

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