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Originally Posted by CobraR05 View Post
if scca and as can find a way to create a quality racing class for pony car racers for the S197 and current Camaro, they would be in an outstanding position.

the s197 hit the streets as an 05 model in 2004. Its 2011 now and these cars are so far not an easy fit into AS. That needs to be fixed.
I'm not so sure there isn't equality with the current rule set. Unless you're looking to be competitive in an S197 with a production drivetrain. The entire class would have to disconnect at least 1 plug wire, if not 2, for that to even begin to happen. I mean an S197 does have a few championships to its credit, so I want to be sure I understand what you're saying.

I think (and thank) the ASAC for doing it as well as they have.
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