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Default T-10 good or bad

Per Jeff's comment, I'll chime in. A T-10 can be just fine and will work. It requires knowledge of what the proper clearances are and how to get there. It also requires knowing what the pieces should look like and when you get parts that don't look right, you know it, and know how to fix it.

I spent years rebuilding my own T-10 with great success. 2010, that didn't work. All of a sudden, the parts weren't right and unfortunately, for me, I didn't know it. I couldn't figure out why, for a long time, all of a sudden our rebuilds weren't working right. It took me a LOT of money in 2010 (more than the cost of a new GT-4, BTW) to finally understand all the issues and how to fix them.

If I were going to buy a used T-10 at this point, I'd make sure it had the CC ratios to start with and I'd buy the lowest cost one I could find, realizing that mostly all I was getting was a box that would probably need a LOT of parts replaced.

If you don't have the knowledge up front, based on my experience, I'd recommend finding someone who does.

Pam Richardson
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