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Fyi, I was told about this conversation quiet some time ago. It isn't something Tom just made up for the purposes of this thread.

Please don't vote with your feet. That is exactly what the desired outcome is. AS participation continues to drop due to SMG, then the CRB has an excuse to drop AS as a National class, it becomes regional only. SMG gets a power mod and goes back into T2.

Net result, one less national class, since they created another class no one asked for or wanted with GTX.

Run Majors, especially west coast. Mechanically protest the heads, cams and throttle body. They are supposed to be stock, no porting, no polishing, etc.

Don't protest dyno at rear wheels. it is way way to easy to have overlaid maps that change the car to a "dyno" map.

Just do the guys that turn faster times than the fastest AS car.

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