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For those that are not in the know. there was an interesting conversation between Peter Keane and Kevin Fandozzi that happened after one of our ASAC calls. I took notes after that conversation. I think it is time now for everyone to know the type of people that have our best interest in our class. This is my notes of that conversation which was sent to Pam the next day.


Last night I stayed on the conference call and overheard Kevin and Peter in some kind of collusion with each other which was very disturbing.
Here are a few bullet points that I made.

• Kevin calls peter and asks if he said to much. (Don’t want to let everyone what they are up to?)
• Peter makes a remark about Jim’s comment about the data for 2019 and calls him an idiot and says if he keeps it up that he will fire him.
• Kevin says did you see what Pam did to the WDYT Peters response is.. she is an idiot and if she thinks that is going to fly she will be fired too.
• I am not really sure what was said about Andy or who said but I know was called an idiot also…
• Kevin makes a remark about transmissions and states that he is not going to spend $5000 on transmission but thinks getting what he wants through is funny
These comments makes it pretty clear that Kevin and Peter have their own agenda for our class, which it is not for the betterment. These two should be helping us improve instead they chose to slander the current CRB chair and the committee chair along with it members.

In my opinion these two should be removed from their current roles and replaced with two people that are willing to help us not hinder.


These two are the ones that are now in charge for the direction of our class.....
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