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Default Some Context

To answer Thomas--Yes There are new RP builds taking place--I have built two in the past 5 years. One is a fresh build, being picked up today, the other a couple of years ago. A competitive 4th gen can be built for well under 20K
if you know what parts to use and what parts to spend money on. that is half the cost of a used SMG car. We are looking to build one or two more RP F-body's in the next year.
There are now approx 6 to 8 A Sedan cars here in Calif., that will be looking for another place to race.
Every Single A/S racer I have talked to is very angry about the CRB/BOD decision.

I will mention this---in Late August of last year I was contacted by Kevin F about the future of A/S---A long phone conversation ensued---He mentioned (among other things), thinking the SMG cars were the way to go and I informed him the numbers were hyped, they are too expensive, and that it would be a mistake. I attempted to sway him in the direction I thought would be beneficial for the class---
Fast forward--our situation now---As it appears the CRB and the BOD are going to support Kevin F. and the small group of SMG racers and shops. Per the letters sent out--The old A/Sedan is not the new direction--replaced with a different vision and philosophy-and I would imagine they hope that the old A/S cars will keep the class viable.
I fully expect big splitters and wings on ALL A/S cars within a year--and power improvers or coyote engines in the SMG cars within a year, and engine options like in GT. Proper splitters and Wings can easily cost thousands.
Most of us have been around A/S long enough to know that the assumptions made in the letter about the existing cars in A/S is absolutely BS, and that either they were looking for excuses and fabricated them, or they they are terribly misinformed.
It is all spelled out in the letter--exactly what the intention is.

Everyone voicing an opinion on this site has a degree of power--your participation and dollars---If you don't like what you see, you don't buy it.
All A/S drivers and owners can continue to post here and VENT--(which is all it really is!--but necessary) or you can give the CRB, BOD and others a message.
It is all up to you--.
If you like what John Blanchard has done--then go race with their group, Some out here in Calif. won't run "Majors" races, some may race in other classes like ITE, or with other organizations. Out here in Calif. the consensus is "We want to have fun Racing".
There are choices--and it is about FUN.
It has become pretty obvious that the powers that be don't get that!
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