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Not sure what you have in mind, but I can't think of any reason to keep a parking brake on a race car. Especially since the pad compounds we have to use don't have a whole bunch of friction when they are stone cold, that alone makes the parking brake pretty much useless.

Take a look at the wilwood recommendations for their drilled rotors, they say NOT to use them in race applications, due to cracking around the holes. They might be OK in the rear, since they don't get as much heat, or get shocked (like braking for turn 1 at Daytona, or the hairpin at Sebring) like the fronts do, but they are more expensive and not necessary. I run slotted rotors on the front, and plain on the back.

So extra weight, complexity (cables and linkages), possible cracking, as well as using "stock" type calipers = perhaps not the best choice for an all out race car.

Just my humble opinion

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