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Just responding to my response, and Jeff's comments.

Jeff, I don't know if you have done this mod to your car yet, but the prop valve is pretty much a street car bandaid we all had to use when we were running street car type mastercylinders. Once you put in the bias bar and dual master cylinders, the prop valve is pretty much useless.

In any case, there are many things that could cause you to adjust your brake bias off of a true 50/50. I have the same size master cylinders, but different caliper piston sizes front and back. I have way more front weight than rear, I even have different brake pad compounds front and back, all of these things will cause you to adjust your bias bar away from a true 50/50. I even found out that fuel burn off during a 30 minute race made the car a little wierd under braking, and I took a few clicks out of the rear bias and it settled down.

And the most dramatic thing I recently did, changing from a torque arm (with way to much anti squat it turns out) to a 3 link with much less anti squat, made a HUGE difference in how much rear brake I could run and have the rear be stable under braking. I have made my third link adjustable, and if I add antisquat to improve traction (or in Nascar speak "drive off of the corners"), I find that I have to reduce rear brake pressure to compensate for the "lifting" affect antisquat has under braking.

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