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Default Ditch the prop valve


I asked the same question at PRI last year, and was told to ditch the prop valve when you go to the dual master set up with a balance bar.

I installed the dual master setup on my fox mustang about 5 or 6 races ago and love it.

I have even gotten to the point that I made a small adjustment to the bias (3 or 4 clicks) towards the end of a 30 minute race last weekend. The fuel burning off had made the car just a little squirrley under hard braking with a downshift, a couple of clicks out of the rear and it felt better.

I put a set of brake pressure gages on my dash and have found them to be very useful in getting a baseline setup. I had recently made a major rear suspension change (from torque arm to 3 link, wow what a difference), and found that I could put tons more rear brake in the car, to the point where I had maxed out the bias bar adjustment. I changed one master cylinder size by 1/8 of an inch, and used the pressure gages to reset my baseline pressures back where they had been, now I am in the middle of the range and have good adjustment on either side.

I have also made the observation that some tracks like a decidedly different front/rear bias, so the pressure gages allow you to base line a set up from track to track.

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